Craw were an underground band from Cleveland, Ohio, initially active from 1988 through 2002. Their sound touched on metal, post-hardcore, progressive rock and jazz, while remaining distinct from any one movement.

Bodies for Strontium 90 (2002)

Craw's fourth album found the band recording for the first time as a quartet, following the departure of guitarist David McClelland. Bodies for Strontium 90 became the most overtly metallic craw record, a lean half hour of pummeling, technical, surprisingly catchy post-hardcore rock. Bill Korecky, who had engineered many craw non-album sessions at his Mars Studio (and co-recorded Map, Monitor, Surge with Steve Albini), helped the band achieve its meatiest recording to date.

"Will, Rockie and I had definitely always been more on the same hard-rock/metal track than Dave was, and we talked about how we wanted to make a rock album of just songs that we would play live." —Zak Dieringer

"...having the opportunity to write a craw record that was really kind of crushing, I took every advantage of that." —Rockie Brockway

"For whatever Bodies lost in density or complexity, it became catchier… As far as records that Hydra Head put out over our 15-plus-year existence, that's one that I can go back to and still really, really enjoy." —Aaron Turner (Hydra Head Records)


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Caught My Tell
Weedy Species
Chop Shop
Space Is the Place
Is It Safe?


Rockie Brockway - guitar
Zak Dieringer - bass
Joe McTighe - vocals
Will Scharf - drums

with Mike Callahan - guitar on "Chop Shop"